Kay Kay Drops First Single and Visual Using “Like Mike” Concept Called, “Like Kay Kay”

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Kay Kay Drops First Single and Visual Using “Like Mike” Concept Called, “Like Kay Kay”

Rapper, Kay Kay, out of Little Rock, Arkansas is coming for the entertainment industry. Not only does she make music, but is also able to bring visions to life by being a videographer and director, above all. Kay Kay earned her LLC for her production company, Rayne Drop Film & Production, where she uses her skills to create concept films and videos. The best way for Kay Kay to do create those is to make her own music, giving her total control over her videos.

Kay Kay started taking music seriously after she jokingly told her friends during their recording session that she was next up in the booth. After her session, she showed her brother Savvy, and they began writing and learning the processes behind putting a song together. Fast forward to now after dropping her first project, Kay Kay has become more confident due to practicing her writing more, and learning the backgrounds of music such as the lyrics and beats. Not only can she go far in the entertainment industry with her camera, but with her vocals and lyrics as well!

Although Kay Kay’s genre is Hip-Hop/Rap for now, she says that she is still currently looking for her sound, due to still trying to improve on the fundamentals of creating music. She does, though, have certain sounds that she gravitates towards such as Roddy Rich and Kevin Gates.

Kay Kay takes a different approach than most artists when it comes to creating a song. Scenes from movies and television are what inspire Kay Kay to make a music video. From there, she gets ideas on what types of topics should go into the lyrics. She explains, “As I’m thinking visually, I already have an idea of the kind of song I want and/or the topic for the lyrics. Once I figure that out, I pick out a beat and go from there. Sometimes I may just listen to beat pack I had a producer send over, find which beat I like the most, then hit my brother up, and we go from there.”

Kay Kay has just released her first single called, “Like Kay Kay.” In the visual, you will see her creative take on the movie, “Like Mike,” and the song, “Basketball,” by Bow Wow. You can find this single on all major streaming platforms, and on the Youtube link below. Although Kay Kay has not released any EPs or albums yet, she is currently working on another single, creating visual content from old content, and preparing to release a short film!

Kay Kay wants to leave her supporters with this message, “Don’t just do what you see. Think outside the box and add your own sauce to it.”

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