Jukeboxx Turns Her Pain Into Passion

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Jukeboxx Turns Her Pain Into Passion

Jukeboxx is an artist who shares her pain with her listeners. She got her artist name from dancing and freestyling every day before she went to class. Jukeboxx started singing at age six and writing poetry in the third grade. This Georgia peach loves to Rap and make Hip-Hop music, yet she also loves to sing and it comes out as blues. Her sound is a mixture of political, feminist, boom bap 90s vibe style, as well as focused on human rights. Being a human trafficking survivor, she began intense therapy in 2015 and wrote an album to help her cope with the pain.

When asked if she has any hobbies aside from music, Jukeboxx responded “I am a full-time practicing artist and I have practiced multiple disciplines for more than 10 years. I have a master’s in American Dance Studies from Florida State University. I teach Capoeira and music history and instruments that go with it, I teach west African drum and dance and I play the djun djuns. I teach Yoga and modern/contemporary dance as well as breaking, popping, locking. I tap as well. I have my own clothing line Jukeboxx Jewelry and Crochet. I am a beader and I crochet and knit clothing. I freestyle and taught myself.”

Jukeboxx Jas had the opportunity to connect with artists from South Korea and India. If she could collab with anyone in the industry, it woule be Stevie Wonder because his music has helped her through so many rough times. She is currently working on her 8th album and you can check out her music on streaming platforms!

Instagram: ansleyjukeboxxjoye

YouTube: Ansley Jukeboxx Joye

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