Josh Stone Unapologetically Challenges The Agenda Of Mainstream Media In Newest Single “Popular”

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Josh Stone Unapologetically Challenges The Agenda Of Mainstream Media In Newest Single “Popular”

New York native and recording artist Josh Stone fearlessly and unapologetically challenges the agenda of mainstream media in newest single “Popular”. In the single, which is out now Stone shares his distaste for two things; the agenda of mainstream media and people being afraid to speak their minds over fear of being judged, scrutinized, or “cancelled”. “Popular” poses questions to the world while speaking on what is happening to the people who may be scared to express their opinions or ask these questions. Stone was inspired by Jay-Z’s Hard Knock Life, and follows in a similar route production-wise, sampling from the Broadway show “Wicked”, creating a pop friendly beat.

“The record means a lot to me. I felt I needed to ask questions I really don’t have the answers to. Do we all have to have like-minded thinking? Or are we too scared to say something? Just observations I wanted to put out over a pop friendly record.  I’m being as authentic as possible and pointing out what I think our society (youth and parents)  should ask themselves. I also feel the subject matter in the song touches on the problems and divisions in our country. I hope to spark a real conversation and be a voice to those who might be afraid to say it out loud with fear of repercussions.” says Stone. 

Josh Stone uses music as a therapeutic outlet to share his story with others. Not wanting to box himself into any single category or follow hyped-up trends, Stone hopes to be the artist that anyone can turn to no matter their mood or emotion. Stone wants his music to serve as a stepping stone for more conversations about mental health and to offer an authentic voice for those who cannot relate to what other artists are currently offering.

His single “Popular” is out now and available on all streaming platforms.

To keep up with Josh Stone, follow him on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok: @iamjoshstone.

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