JMSEY and Beck Pete Navigate “Situationship” in Their Hardest Hitting Track Yet “I’ll Be Okay”

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JMSEY and Beck Pete Navigate “Situationship” in Their Hardest Hitting Track Yet “I’ll Be Okay”

Greeting mid-summer with a brand new sound, alt-pop artist JMSEY has teamed up with popular indie pop darling Beck Pete in their hard-hitting single “I’ll Be Okay”. While it may feel like a classic post-relationship blues bop, “I’ll Be Okay” cleverly taps into the complexities of the modern dating world driven by new relationship dynamics. Often fueled by dating apps, the ‘grass is always greener’ mentality tends to drive decisions about who to date, how to date and how long to stay with your current partner.

The unsuspecting duo nails their on screen chemistry in a fun and endlessly captivating music video where the two aren’t romantically involved at all, but rather, two best friends reveling in their ride-or-die nature and supporting each other through their own individual experiences with romance. Although the two are undergoing differing less than ideal situations – JMSEY tackling a tough decision to leave his soon to be bride and Beck being on a more unsuspecting side of a failed love story – Ultimately, the two unite over their relationships’ endings that leave them alone again, yearning for more and adopting a carefree attitude about heartbreak and all the drama that goes along with it.

Without intending to, the two present opposite ends of the breakup spectrum. With lines like “I wanna break up and wake up next to you”, JMSEY’s lyrics illustrate a very common lack of fortitude that is present when in a relationship with someone you love but ultimately, shouldn’t be with. He waits until it’s almost too late to make his decision, which leads to a runaway groom scenario that shocks his wedding guests (including a cameo by his adorable niece). Beck’s lyrics “I wanna break up and wake up with your friends” represent the scorned lover’s want for revenge after a bad ending, and the motivation to want to make things even. Nonetheless, both Beck and JMSEY know that in the end, it will all “be okay,” as it always is, and they will be there for each other through it all.

Musically, “I’ll Be Okay” delivers the perfect combination of undeniable edge and melodic catchiness, introducing a new sound and energy from both pop artists who have experienced increasing momentum since the top of 2022. 

About JMSEY: JMSEY is an Asian-American multi-instrumentalist by way of London. He owes his gritty yet pop-hybrid sound to his English/American upbringing. The tone of British pop blaring in his ears while growing up, blended with his love of American alternative bands played a heavy hand in shaping his current energy and soundscape. One sixth of the beloved Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers (as seen on NPR’s Tiny Desk, in Billboard & Rolling Stone), JMSEY’s quirky talents shine bright even in his solo moments and “First Time” does not disappoint. His solo work has been featured on Audiotree TV, Jam in the Van and Paste Magazine and he has received high praises from popular outlets like NPR’s Cap Radio, Hollywood Life, Under the Radar and LA’s Grimy Goods. JMSEY is currently based in LA.

About Beck Pete: Regularly packing notable venues in LA like The Echo, Moroccan Lounge and The Troubadour, Beck’s popularity across the west coast has skyrocketed in recent years. But her recognition stems well beyond the west; With her previous single “Gently Break It” being featured on Netflix’s “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, Beck Pete’s work has accumulated millions of streams worldwide. Her most recent single “Romantic” was placed on Spotify’s Fresh Finds Indie playlist – where it still sits a month later – and “Vertigo” was placed on Apple Music’s ‘Best of the Week Japan.’ Her work has been recognized by Live Nation’s Ones to Watch as well as popular publications like LadyGunn, NOTION and Wonderland Magazine. Further, Pete’s music video for her single “Softie,” has also been placed in rotation at MTVU to over 9 million students worldwide, and is receiving lots of spins from KCRW DJs including Jason Kramer and Chris Douridas. 

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