Independent Artist Lil Twin Is Motivated By The Struggle

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Independent Artist Lil Twin Is Motivated By The Struggle

Hector gets his stage name from being a twin to his brother. He was born in Dayton, Ohio, and currently lives all throughout Atlanta, Los Angeles, Houston, and Miami. He has mastered the art of Trap, Conscious music, R&B, Soul, POP, Reggae, and plenty of others. There are no limitations to where he can go on a beat. Lil Twin writes, records, and engineers all of his music. When it comes to his sound, Lil Twin is very unique, authentic, and you can just feel the pain and experience he has endured behind every song.

When asked what impact is he trying to make with his music, Lil Twin responded “I am seeking to impact the entire world that the lifestyle I obtained didn’t come from one trying to be too hard nor too corny. Just a fine line of respect, intelligence, home training and a dab of some gangster shit when necessary. And with that formula, the sky ain’t even the limit.”

Lil Twin’s motivation comes directly from the struggle. His goal is to ultimately be in the conversation amongst the greatest of all time. He is confident that his hard work and consistency will land him right in the conversation. Lil Twin has released one joint project with his Twin brother “Lifeline” along with two solo projects, “Soufside Hector” and his latest, “No Soul 2 Sell.” You listen to Lil Hector on all music platforms!

Instagram: liltwinofficial

YouTube: Team Twin Music

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