Independent Artist Bey Bright Delivers New EP, “Soul Nostalgia 3”

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Independent Artist Bey Bright Delivers New EP, “Soul Nostalgia 3”

Bey Bright is a DC native whose hard work has definitely paid off. After recently finding out that he was nominated for The 2021 Indy soul music people’s choice award, this reassured him that music is what he truly loves to do. You could describe his sound as soul nostalgia because it is contemporary R&B with a blend of old-school flavors from the ’90s. You could say that Bey Bright is a triple threat, but he is actually beyond that. Not only is he a songwriter, but he is also a producer, artist, and arranger. When creating his music, he usually draws inspiration from his relationships with women and overall life experiences

 When asked what is one goal he hopes to achieve in the next year, Bey Bright responded, “My goal is to continue to build up my brand and record label. Bey Bright and Bright Vision Entertainment. I will achieve this by putting out quality content and music consistently.” 

Bey Bright’s track “Turning Me On” landed the number one spot on the top R&B hit list in Italy. To date, all of his music projects combined have done over a half million streams and downloads worldwide. These are both huge accomplishments that he is very proud of as an independent artist. He even started his own music label, Bright Vision Entertainment to build his own fan base globally and release my music independently.

Aside from music, Bey Bright likes reading, watching sports, and movies. He believes people should listen to his music because it’s fun, soulful, and reminiscent of music that grew up on and already loves. His new EP Soul Nostalgia 3 is out now and available for streaming on all major digital platforms!

Instagram: brightvision29 

YouTube: bey bright official

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