Hip-Hop Artist Fokie Dope is Riding His Own Wave

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Hip-Hop Artist Fokie Dope is Riding His Own Wave

Fokie Dope is a Hip-Hop artist in all its forms. This stand-out artist does things the way he likes to do them. Fokie Dope is comfortable in his own skin and likes what he likes- the color pink, comic books, video games, and 80s music. His style can be described as energetic poetry and his sound, “street jazz.” Fokie Dope has not been compared to anybody because he created a sound that is unlike typical Hip-Hop music. Not only does he express all the sides of himself through the music he writes himself, but through directing videos as well.

Fokie Dope was made to be an artist. Growing up in Detroit, Michigan, Fokie Dope would blast his father’s stereo system in his living room and pretend to perform in front of crowds. In his eyes, the ability to make music is like having a super power. He explains, “It’s fascinating to me to see how different artists use their different powers to change their life and the lives of the people around them.” Fokie Dope is truly inspired by all genres of music because they are all able to tell stories from different perspectives. He also takes from books and movies to help mold his music. Fokie Dope was specifically inspired by John Carpenter movies, with their dark nature, when he wrote his project, Raised By Wolves Vol. 1, that was released this year.

Fokie Dope is working to touch the lives and hearts of those who have had to struggle to make it, those who still believe in dreaming, and those who are actively working to achieve those dreams. The independent artist has shown, and is still showing us, that hard work throughout the struggle pays off. Fokie Dope is completely self-financed, started a family record label called Stereo Academy, and has released two major projects and multiple singles. He currently has over 38,000 monthly listeners just on Spotify, alone!

Fokie Dope has some projects cooking up. He’s working on an album titled, Score One for the Good Boys, and on a follow up album for, Raised By Wolves. You can find his music and run up his streams on all major platforms!

Fokie Dope is just getting started.

Instagram: @fokiedope

https://www.instagram.com/p/CG07ggTH21h/ Instagram Live Interview

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