Hip-Hop Artist Davey TheDon About the True Destiny

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Hip-Hop Artist Davey TheDon About the True Destiny

Written By: Anastasia Malys

Davey TheDon was born in Hollywood, CA. Later, he and his family moved to Fontana, where he lives ever since. From early childhood, Davey was surrounded by art. No wonder – the artist comes from a musical family, which in its entirety was always engaged in the arts. Davey’s father is a Dj, mother and brother are the “band geeks.” His sister Dani is a singer, and his older sister Alex is a Hip-Hop dancer. 

In 2017, family calling dragged him in, and Davey started creating music. Later he acknowledged that’s what he was destined for. “We all are meant to be here for a reason. If we trust our fate, everything else will follow,” the artist said. 

Today, Davey TheDon writes and produces his music, his friends Rudy Geee, JayCee, and EmjaybeatsPHD, help him with engineering. This year the team released two music videos for “Booty Shakin” and “Downtown,” which received great reviews on YouTube.

Davey TheDon has also recently released his first album, ‘My Mental Breakdown.’ He is currently working on a single and an EP that he plans to drop later this year.

Davey TheDon sees deep meaning in his pursuit of music – he admitted he is only doing it for people. The artist said that music has always been an outlet for him, so creating music that can be an outlet for others is the main goal in his career. 

“My best reward is when people come up to me and tell me they’re inspired by what I am doing. Even if it was one person ever to do that, it means the world to me,” Davey said.

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