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Born and raised in Dallas, HAFTO is an artist who wants to express himself through his music. Being inspired by his upbringing and culture as well as seeing prominent figures like Zayn, Amir Khan, and Shah Rukh Khan, helped him identify with his cultural identity. Interestingly, HAFTO’s image is a bit mysterious in that he does not post his face and makes sure to stay anonymous. He stated, “I don’t post myself that often and build a mystique on who I am and so forth.” His talent is simple feelings through complex artwork expression, and he hops between different genres but always correctly expresses in a manner to reach/touch the audience.

Having been in the music industry since 2019, HAFTO has been writing poetry and listening to music since he was a child. When his first ever song came out, he felt pure happiness about it, and that’s when he knew he wanted to pursue it. He notices how listening to music has helped him through some hard times. The road to success hasn’t been easy for the artist as he had many life trials that stopped him from teaching life lessons. As a result, he’s lost people in the way that he would want them to be on his side. There is a quote that Dustin Poirer says, “Adversity taught me… when times are good, be grateful, and with times like this [loss], be graceful.”Having gone through about since entering the music industry, HAFTO is creating plans for his music. His current goals are to grow his fanbase and consistently release music while creating more press for himself. He wanted to set himself up for the future and be there for the long run.  He would like to achieve a happy/successful life and do it with someone he loves and is affectionate with.  His motivation is to express and demonstrate to others that they are wrong. He wants to be a part of redefining what art means in his community. There were many people in his personal life that he looked up to, but in the end, he wanted to make his parents proud of what he accomplished.

Specify what single/project/ or visual we are pushing so we can correctly highlight & write press around it (be detailed):

A: I recently released a new single called “The Soul PT 1”. The song is the first single of chapter 3. I have had many time off and challenges that pushed me to make this song. The song is inspired by Pound Cake/ Paris Morton 2.

Currently, it has 11  singles out ranging from Classical Music to Hip hop to R&B. His favorite release is the first EP, “Altered Reality.” It was the first EP and helped him talk about different topics, from faith to love to loyalty. It helped to lead the foundation so he could discuss issues he wanted to discuss. He’s also written and engineered himself but sometimes gets beats from other people. A common person with that he works is Zach Sutton. Zack was the first person he brought in to mix and master, and they killed it.

The independent artist is working on a song to highlight the culture he feels most connected. He stated, “This track will focus on both looking back with regret and looking forward with optimism to the future.” Then, he will release a new single focusing on improving his behavior. It will serve as the initial EP project called “Chapter 3.”

Though he enjoys being an artist and creating music, in his free time, he loves reading poetry and spending some time with people that he admires and respects. He also started training in boxing, which has been very beneficial in his life while enjoying conversing with people and learning from their experiences.

He leaves advice for anyone wanting to follow in his footsteps, saying always have someone that can pull you back like a real friend.

“Thank you for the opportunity and support.”

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Written by: Gabby Castro

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