Get To Know S.O.G.

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Get To Know S.O.G.

Written By: Brooklyn Kelly

A Virginia native, S.O.G., is an urban Christian hip-hop artist. He’s new to the scene, but he’s taking all opportunities he can to learn more about the music industry and his craft. His artist name S.O.G. is an acronym for Soldier of God. His name was inspired by the Capitol City Church street ministry in Harrisburg, PA. This ministry has shaped a large part of his identity. He was one of the original members of the ministry and he recalls that his artist name is not only a name but a lifestyle.

When asked what community events has he contributed in and why is giving back to the community important to him, S.O.G. responded “I’ve been a part of community outreach for my church. The street ministry S.O.G. Helping with events we would host for the community and building a connection with the people there so that they have an opportunity to hear the Word of God from a different perspective. I hope to do it more even though I live out of state now but it’s definitely something that is on my heart.”

Constantly inspired by God and God’s word, S.O.G. keeps his faith at the center of his music. He writes his own music and has one single currently out called “Overtime.” He is currently working on his next single release “My Time” and an upcoming EP. Be sure to check out his music on all streaming services!

Connect with S.O.G. here:

Instagram: _soldi3r_of_god

YouTube: Soldi3r of God

Twitter: 2123mgc_se

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