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Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio Joe Eid is ready to show the world his versatility. From a young age, Joe has been in choir and making music. However, in 2018, he decided to pursue music seriously because that’s when he started feeling comfortable enough with his budget. Being an artist was always his end goal, but Joe needed to ensure that he protected himself financially. Over the last five years, the challenges he has faced have calmed down significantly. Now, most of the obstacles he has to overcome include time management, work/life balance, and keeping relationships/connections. Aside from music, he also works a full-time job. In 2019, he released his first EP on distribution platforms, and he’s been attacking the industry since then.

From an artist’s perspective, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Nas are his biggest inspirations. All of these artists tell a story and are versatile in their music. Joe creates versatile music that tells a story over different styles of beats. Having intent behind what he is doing is very important and that is where he excels best. Although he has not been in the industry long, Joe has reached many achievements. He won two music video of the year awards at the Buckeye Awards in Ohio. One of his music videos hit over 200,000 views on YouTube. He has also been nominated by several other media outlets for music awards.

Joe has contributed to community events monetarily. A couple of years ago he raised money for his community in Dayton when a tornado occurred. However, he wants to make giving back to his community a focus. Giving back is important to Joe, but wants to find a way to balance his time in order to do it. Only a month into the new year and everything is finally being put together so Joe can lay down his foundation block by block without worrying about it cracking or getting unstable. He is prepared to really push my music this year. Now that he has the proper team, this year he hopes to focus on being an artist and growing. Within the next five years, Joe says “I’m going to be successful, period.” Whether it’s having a breakthrough song, having somebody in my collective have a breakthrough song, or getting promotions at work, Joe will succeed and make money in several different ways.

Musically Joe sees himself touring around the country. Being an independent artist with an LLC to create his own label, Joe is ready to take things to the next level. He writes his own music where he talks about his upbringing, lifestyle, and goals. As of now, other people engineer his music because of time constraints. Throughout his journey, Joe has also collaborated with many different producers and verified artists. Between singles, EPs, and albums, Joe has released around 50 songs. Hop On Or Fuck Off is his favorite because he never thought he would shoot a music video that was a WWE Royal Rumble parody. It brought back childhood memories and it is his biggest video. His new track “Senses” was recently released on all platforms accompanied by a music video. “Senses” will be featured on his upcoming album Internal Barricade. He has new music dropping real soon so be sure to stay tuned!

Instagram: joe_eid

YouTube: Joe Eid


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