Kaylon Hallman is Working on 3rd EP

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Kaylon Hallman is Working on 3rd EP

Kaylon Hallman does it ALL! This talented artist writes, produces, engineers his own music, and let’s not forget- plays the guitar, bass, and drums! A true Los Angeles native, Kaylon was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and has never moved. And, with a one of a kind name like his, he didn’t have to pick a stage name.

He found his niche in R&B Soul. Looking up to artists such as Anderson .Paak, Stevie Wonder, Raphael Sadiq, and Ty Dolla $ign, you can see why his style varies between soul, R&B, and hip-hop. Kaylon started to take making music seriously after graduating high school. He saw that there was a need for people in the music industry with his specific sound… and he wasn’t wrong! 

Kaylon Hallman keeps it real with us by saying that his goal is to, “…let people remember that long-term success comes with a process and is most likely to take longer to come. Short-term success comes fast, but is not satisfying.” He feels that artists do not always have to change their sound or take the first deal presented to them just to make the quickest money. He wants to show artists that it is possible to own all of the rights to your own songs and sound. Kaylon attributes this go-getter mindset to school, where he got his Economics degree at California State University, Northridge.

Known for playing the bass while singing, Kaylon’s sound is unique. He refuses to be a ‘one-hit-wonder,’ and feels that the world will keep on hearing from him for a lifetime. Kaylon Hallman has released two EPs so far,’Trail Mix’ and ‘Evolve,’ and is currently working on his 3rd EP along with music videos. His most popular song, ’220,’ has reached over 20 countries with over 483,000 Spotify streams, and has also had dance groups make viral videos to this song. Other accomplishments include making four playlists with Soulection, and collaborating with Bongo By The Way, The Game, and Anderson .Paak. 

In the future, Kaylon wants to continue discovering talent that will last a lifetime, and keep his label, ‘Holy Rollaz Entertainment’ alive. 

While awaiting his 3rd EP, show this incredible voice some love on his most recent EP, ‘Evolve’  and his single “220” off his EP ‘Trail Mix’ ‘cause this sound is what we needed y’all!

Instagram: @kaylonduewuap

Youtube Channel: Kaylon Hallman

Facebook: Kaylon Hallman

Website: https://www.holyrollaz.com/

Music Videos:

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