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Meet Iso tmtr, a formerly independent artist from Arlington, Texas who specializes in versatile hip hop and rnb. He describes the use of this style by saying “I mix it up a lot I’m not afraid to try new beats [and] sounds. I listen to all kinds of music so I like to mix it up depending on how I’m feeling.” Furthermore, he depicts his style as laid back, keeping the tracks raw with a handful of harmonies. He has recently signed a contract deal with Entourage Music and Sports Agency out of Los Angeles California, taking off slowly but surely.

Iso has been in the industry for about four years. He initially moved out to Los Angeles to play football, but after an injury, he switched gears to music; He found music as a way to express himself at the time. Iso takes pride in writing his own music and plans to engineer soon. At the moment he works with a producer named Murph @kingsvisionprod_ and a producer from Atlanta, Georgia named Lil Hati. When asked about collaborations, he said he would love to work with BLXST from Los Angeles.

As for some other highlights in his career he was contacted by Nipsey Hussle’s DJ, DJ VIP before his passing. The two still keep in contact and he plans to work with him in the future. Iso also worked with AGA Agency, specifically Steve Raze and Mac Mills. He feels as though they opened a lot of doors for him, giving him the opportunity to meet Grammy-awarded producer Drumma Boy.

When it comes to his motivation he says working hard, learning new things, and maintaining dedication to see change over time, not only in yourself but the world, is what drives him. Even outside of the studio, he enjoys listening to beats, exercising, and being by the ocean to fuel his creativity. Being an independent artist, there is the added pressure to do everything yourself, but Iso says he likes networking and that it has helped immensely. So, the road to success has been overall smooth for the rising star.

One bump in the road however, when Iso was just 12 years old, his mother passed away, leading him to turn to the streets and not make the best choices. Once realizing this, he isolated himself in order to get away from it and push away distractions. So, his mom ultimately gave him inspiration for his artist name. Iso also mentions taking musical inspiration from her. “She told me when I was younger I would be involved in music, after her passing I played sports and finally decided to take a leap of faith and start making music and it’s been good ever since then.”

In the future, he hopes to write lyrics for other artists, work with tastemakers in the industry, see his own tracks on the charts, have pop-up shops for merch, do some modeling, work with non-profitable organizations, and sign to a record label.

Regarding his current music and plans, he has five singles out, his favorite being “Mama I’m On!” produced by Brenden J. When asked why people should listen to his music he says “It’s real! I don’t try to create a life on the tracks that I do not live! I let the fans in on my life and what I’m going through.” Iso is also making merch as well as a website for fans to access the products. Finally, he is also working on an EP he hopes to drop soon.

Iso says that music requires much more patience than you would realize, giving the advice “Have patience and when one door closes don’t trip! Don’t get discouraged keep going!” He also lives by the quote “Love the life you live, live the life you love,” as said by Bob Marley. An additional message he would like to give to his supporters, “I appreciate every single person that taps in with my music and the honest feedback”

In the meantime, keep an eye out for his new music and take a listen to his newest track “Young Star” below!

Instagram: Iso_tmtr 

YouTube:  Iso tmtr

Written by: Brianna Rizzi

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