That Real Feel: Geivon “EG” Cisneros

On Air and TV Host

That Real Feel: Geivon “EG” Cisneros

EG says if you have a passion and love for your goal in life, don’t give up, the exact message he portrays himself and the message that many know he lives by. This Inland Empire native sets the bar for many talent and influencers he works with. 

Why should people fuck with you?

A few reasons people have told me they love to work with me are, I always back up what I say with action, they appreciate that I am not all talk like many in this industry. I bring value to the talent & influencers I work with, I genuinely care for their success.

Growing up what were some of the struggles along the way?

A major struggle was trying to show and prove to the record labels and brands early on when influencer marketing was pre mature in 2016. I would be walked into record companies by my mentors, grammy award winning “the avila brothers” and tell the a&rs about these strategies i’ve been using to sell out meet and greet events across the united states with popular teens on instagram. At the time I knew with the following they have selling out events, they would also be able to have a strong conversion rate of attention to a product or in this case a new record being released. It was a struggle to have them believe and place a budget into something that was so new and with not much case studies online with records releases.

What sets you apart from others?

Honesty and transparency with my relationships. I make it a point to have my company represent trust becouse without trust, true long term business is extremely difficult to exist.

As of right now what are you proud of accomplishing during this unexpected pandemic

I am proud of my team being able to adjust to the high demand of influencer campaigns and marketing strategies coming in from record labels and brands. This pandemic has caused many departments to freeze leaving much of the focus and attention online creating an extremely high demand for us, nearly tripled our work flow. We are thankful to stay busy in a time like this.

At what point did you realize being in MGMT become your reality? 

Management became real when I met Phora during a photoshoot. He booked one of my influencers for his clothing brand, yours truly clothing which I now also manage influencer relations and marketing strategies. He was one of the few people to see the vision of influencer marketing and trust in my experience within that new space. Management is daily now with my company, Phora with his music and his clothing brand.

What’s been the best memory you have ever had?

One of the most memorable moments was my first trip to Houston Texas, during Houston Appreciation Week with Drake and my now close friends Rap A Lot records. I had a true vip experience out there thanks to the value and insight I brought with one of the members of the group. I was welcomed as family and went everywhere with the rap a lot crew and drake. it was like a mini tour back to back the whole week from nightclub to nightclub to a quick concert and then after hours. It was dope and I’ve loved Houston ever since.

What do you want people to get from your story?

One thing I would like people to get from my story is to always believe in yourself and be true to yourself. Always keep it real. I’m so adamant about being REAL because it’s rare in this shady industry and in this world in general. There’s a lot of weird people out there with strange motives. Don’t let that change you or make you think that type of behavior is acceptable.

Lastly, if you could give yourself one piece of advice what would that be. 

To remain focused and not let any of these weirdos get to me. Continue a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Take it easy on the pizza and tacos lol

Anything else you want to let everyone know?

Yes, Anything is possible. as corny as that may sound. I have experienced this first hand and still get surprised each day the higher my success becomes. If you have a passion and love for your goal in life, don’t give up. That passion and love is what will help you get through those storms and lonely days and nights. Thank you to everyone that has played a role into my success and life.

S/o to the supporters and my team. Hustle Divison Yours Truly baby, Ya tu sabes! lol

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