Extraterrestrial Music Group is a label that handles all artists needs

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Extraterrestrial Music Group is a label that handles all artists needs

Extraterrestrial Music Group is an independent record label and marketing company that works with artists and businesses to grow helps artist and businesses gain exposure through various opportunities. What originally started as a management company a little over two years ago, the company recently transitioned until a record label that manages artists.

“We are a diverse multi-genre label who also helps artist and businesses gain organic exposure,” CEO of the label TK said. “Our sole purpose is to invade, unlock your mind, and help you reach your full potential.”

“We can market anything and also have managed security companies, models, DJs, artists, producers, and more,” he continued. “We are a one-stop shop. In just two months, our label has reached every state and country in the world.”

The team includes:

CEO – TK (@external_tk)

Vice President – Pierre Abram (@Heatindacity)

A&R Photographer/Videographer and Graphic Designer – Devyn Giovengo (@Giomadeit_) Graphic Designer – Nolan Oconnell (@nolo.dsgn)

The label has signed a few artists, including two that are currently on the roster:

Natural Onyx and Robyington.

You can stay tuned with the label and their services by checking out their website. https://extraterrestrialmusicgroup.com/

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