Down and Gritty: TrippCityRoyal

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Down and Gritty: TrippCityRoyal

Written by: Gaby Mendez

Versatility takes on many forms with TrippCityRoyal. Not only does this MC write his own raps, he also has hand in his own production as well as his music label Ten Stack Stunting Ent. With elements of Brooklyn drill, TrippCityRoyal takes his craft to another level with his writing and sound.

“Working with 40Cal. 40 was the first artist to reach out and build a relationship with me. I remember going out to NJ to meet and make music a few times and he always was real and cool dude.  Whenever I’m out that way I can hit up 40, so he like fam,” he explains as his favorite highlight of this year. Though he enjoys making his own beats and lyrics, he always looks to support fellow artists and has collaborated with several producers such as ADM, who happens to be a producer for Cam’ron, as well as Ghostrumentalz from LA and Inod from Serbia. Because of his versatility, he has expanded his creative lane that has allowed him to reach into further areas of his fanbase. Releasing about 10 projects, 50 mixtapes and several EPs, TrippCityRoyal does not seem to slow down as he continues to experiment with his craft.

When not honing into his craft, he is no stranger to a good time. As much as he enjoys having fun, he has dedicated himself as a professional care advocate for troubled teens and helps them try to stay on the right path. He holds hope for the youth and only seeks to teach them better ways. In 2006, he teamed up with an organization called Facing History and Ourselves, and had hand in aiding to stop the genocide in Rwanda.

Though admitting it has not been a smooth road to achieve his goals and dreams, he offers knowledge and advices anyone who is looking to go into the music industry to do their research on the legality of creating music. “I was the one getting played but sometimes you gotta hold Ls even when they not yours as hard as it is just keep ya head and remember the real prevail,” he admits as he reflects on how he can better himself as not only a musical artist but as a person. He believes these trials of life to be learning lessons and to keep it pushing as better days always lay ahead.

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