Darkskin Dave Is One If Pittsburg’s Finest

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Darkskin Dave Is One If Pittsburg’s Finest

Darkskin Dave was born in Anchorage, Alaska. He then moved to Pittsburgh during the start of his college career and has lived there ever since. Although his genre is Hip-Hop with a little R&B, Darkskin Dave would describe his sound as smooth, old school bars with a new school flow to it. Darkskin Dave is beyond a triple threat. Along with making music, he can act, model, and he is also a fitness instructor.

When asked why is music a passion of his, Darkskin Dave replied “I feel like sometimes people get the wrong impression of you whether through social media or just other people’s opinions. So I feel like music gives me an outlet to show people who I really am and they can actually hear it from my mouth.”

With his family being his biggest motivation, Darkskin Dave is determined to make it in the industry to help each and everyone that he cares about. Darkskin Dave is currently working on releasing his first mixtape, “Toxic” which will drop at the end of October. You can stream Darkskin Dave’s music on all streaming platforms!

Instagram: darkskin_dave

YouTube: Darkskin Dave

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