danny G Releases New Hit “participate”

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danny G Releases New Hit “participate”

Greeting the new year with a new sound, Nashville artist and content creator danny G is back with a west coast-inspired hit entitled “participate”. Showcasing his witty lyricism, “participate” is positioned to be a go-to party track this spring. A vulnerable story about a one night stand with a woman from out of state, the song draws listeners in from the very start. 

“Met a lil mama she addicted to the drama but she leavin here manana, she on business from outta state / Told her i don’t want no problems she said that she’ll help me solve em i been tryna slow it down but now we at a different pace” ~ Participate

2022 has quickly become danny’s busiest year yet; as he tackles his goal to create 10,000 pieces of content on social media via his #10Kin22 challenge, we’re witnessing his growth and creative versatility in a brand new light. With a close pulse on the tech-driven climate, danny has dedicated his time to connecting with his fans through daily LIVE’s. He also publishes a diverse array of music, comedy, sports, and collaborative content, keeping current fans fully engaged. In just three short months, we’ve witnessed danny’s strategy take him from 12K to 19K Instagram followers and from 220K to two accounts with a combined 600K+TikTok followers with numbers continuing to rise daily. The proof is in the pudding; his dedication to these platforms but most importantly, his fans, has set the foundation for continued success.

danny G’s music has garnered a steady flow of support since 2019. He has landed on popular YouTube channel Rap City, TIDAL editorials’ Alternative Hip Hop’ & Rising Hip Hop playlists, as well as multiple Spotify editorials. Previous collaborations include Travie McCoy, Xuitcasecity, and Cam Meekins. His positive flow has also captured the attention of local outlets like No Country For New Nashville and cable TV network WSMV’s Today In Nashvilleas well as national outlets like Forbes, Complex, Lyrical Lemonade, AdWeek, The Source, and AllHipHop. Effortlessly surpassing expectations, danny remains authentic in both his mission and his music.

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