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What’s in a name? For ChillWiLL, it’s a profound reflection of his character and purpose. The Chill embodies his laid-back nature and a love for peace and relaxation. Yet, the WiLL is a testament to his determination to protect what he cherishes, especially his peace of mind. ChillWiLL is more than meets the eye; he’s a thinker, a guardian, and a creator.

Born in Lakeland, Florida, and currently residing in Hampton, VA, ChillWiLL is a true Florida boy. His journey as an artist has just begun, but he’s already making waves with two singles, “I’m Up” and “YEAH,” available on all major streaming platforms. His music resonates with the classic Hip-Hop genre but also incorporates elements of pop and jazz-funk, creating a unique and versatile sound.

ChillWiLL’s upcoming project, “Humble Beginnings,” is his debut album, a collection of 15 songs that explore how music became his passion, an outlet for pain, and a source of inspiration. Scheduled for release in April 2024, this album is a deeply personal journey, showcasing his evolution as an artist and person.

For ChillWiLL, music is more than just a creative outlet; it’s a healer. His journey from pain to passion has transformed him, and he’s determined to use his music as a bridge that connects people.

Describing his image is not easy for ChillWiLL. It’s not about appearances; it’s about the heart. He strives to be welcoming and to show love, no matter how different individuals may seem. What you see may vary, but what you feel when encountering ChillWiLL is consistent—warmth and authenticity.

ChillWiLL’s music draws inspiration from his life’s journey—wins, failures, lost loved ones, and heartbreaks. His creative journey began as an outlet for pain but soon became a passion.

If he could collaborate with any artist in the industry, ChillWiLL’s pick would be Big KRIT. He admires the authenticity and wisdom in Big KRIT’s music and considers him a perfect match for a collaboration.

In 2023, ChillWiLL will focus on putting himself out there and sharing his music with the world. He embraces the process and is open to feedback, criticism, and admiration. While he hasn’t contributed to community events yet, he believes in giving back. He views success as an opportunity to help others help themselves, and he’s eager to impact his community positively.

In the next five years, ChillWiLL envisions significant career and personal development growth. He’s committed to being his best version and fully embraces the journey ahead. He enjoys spending time with his family when he’s not in the studio, particularly his Queen and his boys. He’s also a skilled cook, showcasing his culinary talents on his Instagram page.

ChillWiLL draws strength from two scriptures that have been close to him for over 12 years. “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me,” and “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” These scriptures provide the foundation for his journey as an artist.

ChillWiLL is an independent artist who writes and engineers his music. He has collaborated with producers who share his vision and is open to finding more like-minded individuals to help him grow as an artist.

With two singles already under his belt and an eagerly anticipated debut album on the horizon, ChillWiLL is on a remarkable journey. He encourages aspiring artists to think big, live in their truth, and strive to be the best version of themselves.

ChillWiLL’s message to his fans is clear: “We help each other because it’s always been about us. I’m here to help create a greater connection toward a bigger picture.”

The artist continues his journey from humble beginnings to musical triumph; his authenticity, passion, and commitment to unity through music shines brightly. Watch for his upcoming album and more exciting music on the horizon.


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