Chicago Lyricist K.O. Mason Drops New Single “Street Poetry”

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Chicago Lyricist K.O. Mason Drops New Single “Street Poetry”

Lyricism is the heart and gold of hip-hop next to a worthy instrumental, and today’s climate in hip-hop is in need of artists like Chicago native, K.O. Mason. The lyrical assassin recently released a new single titled “Street Poetry” — and the name perfectly describes the song. With a calm and compelling tone, K.O. Mason describes a surreal and thorough image of life in the streets and things in relation to them. Sending a message more over, K.O. Mason enters the summer on a conscious tip, and his story telling ability is definitely solid. “Street Poetry” has also been paired with an official video, and the scenery really pulls it all together.

The official video is aesthetically pleasing, providing a memorable and nostalgic feeling while taking place on the Edward Waters University campus, paying respects to HBCU’s. The university’s band is even featured on the track. Very much for the betterment of the people, K.O. Mason’s creativity and lyrical ability are definitely great editions to the game. Be sure to stream the official video below.

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