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Born in Mexico but raised in Florida, independent artist EDXO strives to make music that fans can feel. Beginning with his name, he stated, “I like wearing my inspirations on my sleeve and The Weeknd honestly inspired me so much that I had to incorporate him…So, the “ED” is for my initials, and the “XO” represents my main source of inspiration and why I even started doing music.”

The rising star has a unique image stating, “I like wearing my gold grills and still rock a pearl necklace with glitter makeup and a full manicure…” This can even translate into his musical style, not putting himself into one box. In regards to style or genre, he feels as though he is mainly singer/songwriter vibes, leading to music fans can really feel.

EDXO has come a long way with his music, aiming for something with real emotions rather than trying to make a hit. His favorite element of being an artist is when people openly tell him how much they have connected with his music. He both writes and engineers his own music, saying it has been fun finding different ways to make songs interesting.

He feels as though his sound has varied since his last project, not identifying with a particular genre. The Mexico-born artist does say that one aspect he plans to do far into the future is a Spanish album, but nothing is set-in-stone. When asked about potential collaboration in the future, although his inspiration is The Weeknd, his answer was Frank Ocean, yet another iconic artist.

Moving further into 2023 and 2024, EDXO hopes to help people with his music both emotionally and mentally. In a heartfelt way, he said, “I look back at all the music that has impacted my life and still continues to do so, and I just want to contribute to that.”

Aside from music, he has also expressed interest in filmmaking and/or acting. “There’s something super magical about how you can see an idea that formulated in your head just come to life on camera.” Also, beyond music, in the next five years, EDXO hopes to be traveling the world, soaking in new cultures, traditions, and even languages.

EDXO said his biggest motivation is his family, specifically working hard so he can provide for them one day in the future. Helping his family, however, is not his only motivation, he also discusses wanting to give back to the community. The artist stated “I feel it’s very important to give back to the people who are around you every day and you might not even interact with them. You never know you could easily be better off than those people but be completely oblivious due to the fact that they simply don’t have a voice to speak up or anyone speaking up for them.”

In terms of highlights based around the industry, he stated, “I would have to say going to LA for the first time. There were many firsts on that trip. First time on a plane, first time performing for that many people live, first time trying dispensary goods. Everything was for sure worth the jet lag.”

The road to success, however, has certainly not been an easy one, but he does not let this get him down. EDXO describes understanding that there will always be ups and downs, but learning to navigate them and coming out with new life experiences and completed projects makes it worth it. To sum this up with a quote he lives by, “There is no good or bad in life. It’s all experiences.”

EDXO has been in the game for almost 10 years, showcasing a certain degree of experience. Prior to being in the industry, he wish he knew that he could say no to things that he did not 100% want. “…I realized that not everyone deserves my time and vice versa…if people truly understand you there shouldn’t be an issue.” He gives the advice of going into the industry with a plan, setting goals, and never getting discouraged.

EDXO is very open-minded and understanding of everyone’s opinions. “I don’t think anyone necessarily SHOULD [listen to my music] but I ain’t going away any time soon, so it’s either for you or it’s not and that’s okay.”

EDXO has a recent track with ShortTerm titled “Me & You,” so be sure to check it out. This is the leading single on a 10-song experience he has. He emphasizes using the word experience because he wants people to connect with the feelings rather than just the sound itself.

As a final word to the fans, he said, “I appreciate anyone who still listens and to anyone new who decides to take a listen welcome and thank you for the support I hope you like what you hear.”  


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