Cash Money Records Is Helping New Orleans Residents in a Big Way!

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Cash Money Records Is Helping New Orleans Residents in a Big Way!

2020 has been nothing but a huge disappointment to say the least. With COVID-19 putting millions of people out of work its been tough to keep it together. According to CNN, over 40 Million Americans have filed for unemployment over the duration of two months. Although laws have been put in place to help renters during this pandemic, people are still feeling uncertain about the future. Thankfully Cash Money Records Founders Birdman and Slim want to help!

Brothers Bryan “Birdman” Williams and Ronald “Slim” Williams, who founded Cash Money Records have donated over $225,000 to the non-profit organization Forward Together New Orleans. The brothers who grew up in New Orleans pledged to cover rent for hundreds of tenants living in the communities of Scattered Sites Harmony Oaks, Marrero Commons, and Guste. Formally known as Magnolia, Calliope, and Melpomene.

The brothers grew up in New Orleans and continue to be neighborhood heroes. Birdman believes in giving back to the community he grew up in. He said, ““The legacy of Cash Money belongs to the city of New Orleans. There’s nothing more important to us than giving back to the brothers and sisters who live on those same streets we grew up on – from musicians to service workers to everyday working families”.

According to Forward Together New Orleans, the organization plans to issue checks immediately to pay for June rent for those tenants who are in the public housing programs.

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