Cartier 500 Is “Too Blessed” & Highly Favored

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Cartier 500 Is “Too Blessed” & Highly Favored

Cartier 500 is an independent artist who always brings fresh content, flows, and melodies. The Florida artist wrote and recorded music as hobby, but took his career to the next level in 2019. For the most part, he likes creating music based real events that he has gone through and experenced personally.

When asked what he enjoys the must about being an artist, Cartier 500 responded “The ability to create great music that touch different people in different ways.”

A song that Cartier 500 is most proud of is his single “Too blessed.” This track created a lot of waves in the musc industry as well as landing a spot on Worldstar Hip-Hop. If he could collab with one person in the industry it would be Drake. A goal he hopes to achieve within the next year is to get a major record deal and make platinum hits. Cartier 500 is currently working on releasing new music and visuals but in the meantime, be sure to tap into his music available on all streaming services!

Instagram: cartier500

YouTube: cartier500

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