Cardi B Urges Georgians to Stay Home Despite Governor’s Announcement

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Cardi B Urges Georgians to Stay Home Despite Governor’s Announcement

Cardi B has never been too shy to speak her opinion, even if it’s political. Yesterday, Georgia governor, Brian Kemp, announced that he plans to reopen the state of Georgia this coming Friday. This includes nonessential businesses such as gyms, hair salons and barber shops, nail salons, and bowling alleys. Cardi B has been very active on social media with speaking on COVID-19 issues, and this announcement is no different. She is urging the people of Georgia to still stay home, despite the Governor’s announcement. Since the United States has still yet to see COVID-19’s peak, this could end up being a health disaster for everyone in the state.

She commented on Baller Alert’s IG post stating, “I just want to let people DONT GO AROUND YOUR PARENTS OR GRANDPARENTS!Once there sick and in the hospital wit covid you won’t be able to see how and what they treating them with . They will literally have them die slow !” Cardi believes that the hospitals are not boosting their patients’ immune systems with the proper foods or drinks. With husband, Offset’s, great uncle recently passing away due to COVID-19 and other health complications, Cardi B wants to let everyone know how serious this issue is.

She ends her comment with, “HEALTH OVER CAPITALISM!”

She said what she said!

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