C Haze Won’t Fail to Amaze!

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C Haze Won’t Fail to Amaze!

Written By: Jessica Oh

Introducing the talented C Haze! This R&B/Pop artist has a very melodic sound with a voice that dances with her music. Currently living in Memphis, Tennessee, C Haze knew that she wanted to pursue music ever since she was five of six. C Haze says, “During Christmas, I would ask for instruments such as guitars, a keyboard, and a microphone. I wanted to be like Alicia Keys!” While drawing inspiration from personal and relatable experiences, C Haze writes music by closing her eyes and losing herself in the beat. Her creative process consists of her breaking out of her shell and expressing her feelings through her music. C Haze will be releasing her first EP called “21 Forever” this year, dedicated to her best friend who passed at the age of 21. Her grind and her heart is shown through her music, and she has so much more she wants to share! Read more about C Haze below! 

What do you enjoy most about being a musician? What do you hate most?

Getting in tune with my creative side is what I enjoy most about being a musician. I feel free when I do music. Music is my escape. Since I’m just starting in my career, I honestly don’t have anything that I hate about being a musician. Every moment is a learning experience. Later on down the line, I would hate not having the kind of privacy that I enjoy while being a musician.

Do you write, produce, and engineer your own music? If you don’t, who do you collaborate with?

Producing has been an interest of mine that I plan on pursuing in the future. I currently write my own songs. Alleo Muzik is a producer that I collaborate with when I need some fire music recorded. Al is great for me as an artist. I started making music with Al in 2019. Ever since, he has witnessed me grow as an artist & expects the best from me when I step behind that mic.

Word of advice to your younger self?

To my younger self, I’d say “have more confidence & speak from your heart”. If i had that confidence at a younger age the way that I do now, I feel like I would’ve been able to break into my music career earlier. 

What is one goal you hope to achieve in the next year? How or what will you do to achieve it?

One goal I hope to achieve next year is being an opening act for mainstream artists. In order to achieve this goal, I plan on promoting myself as best as I can & saying yes to any opportunity that comes my way.

What is the best piece of advice you received? From who? 

 “It aint what you know, its who ya know” which basically means be a kind person to others and they’ll be kind to you. That’s how make connections that’ll benefit you later on in life. You never know when you might need a shoulder to lean on. 

Instagram: chazemusic

YouTube: C Haze

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