B. Ross Is Chi Towns Very Own

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B. Ross Is Chi Towns Very Own

B. Ross is a Chicago native who shares his life story in his music. His sound is more of a ghetto gospel type of sound, with a melodic type of meaning. B. Ross knew music was for him after performing live for the first time. He knew he belonged on that stage and it is his place of happiness. B. Ross has performed with artists like Lil Durk, Future, and Juicy J. He writes his own music and what he enjoys the most about being a musician is creating a story on an instrumental beat and making the sound enjoyable to everyone. 

When asked where he draws inspiration from when working on new music, B. Ross explained “I get my inspiration from my family, just knowing that people have your best interest at heart is more than enough for me.”

One of his most memorable experiences was being able to meet Birdman in the studio in Miami. He looks up to artists like Kanye West due to the fact that he is an artist who does not take any mess from anyone in the industry and they are both from the same hometown. B. Ross is currently working on releasing his album, “Boy Yesterday” which drops this Friday, December 4th and you can check out his music on all streaming platforms!

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YouTube: Brandon Ross

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