Atlanta Artist Keyonte Releases “Would I Be Wrong” Visual

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Atlanta Artist Keyonte Releases “Would I Be Wrong” Visual

KEYONTE Keyonteis an Atlanta native who has made a name for himself in the industry from an early age. At the age of three, he told his mom that he wanted to be a singer and an actor. It was the moment when he performed on stage for the first time and received a standing ovation is when he knew that he was meant to do this. That rush of being accepted and praised felt natural to him. As an artist who creates R&B, Hip-Hop and Trap Soul music, Keyonte likes to tap into different vibes and genres. This gives him the opportunity to showcase his creative side and connect with his listeners.

When asked why should people listen to his music, Keyonte responded “I stand out because I’m not your typical artist, I’m not a guy to run out and buy jewelry and be flashy, I’m doing this thing solely by myself, I just have me and my mom, she run the business side, I don’t have a writer or anything, so not having that team seperates me. So anything I put out is authentically ME.”

A huge acconplishnent of Keyonte’s is sharing the same stage with Mulatto, Jaquees, and Vedo just to name a few. A goal he would like to achieve when it comes to his musi career is to be succcesfful while always stying true to himself. The visual for his track “Would I Be Wrong” is out now and you can check out his music on all streaming platforms!

Instagram: keyonteofficial

YouTube: tyrekethompson

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