Artist Caneci Bele Is Definitely The One To Watch

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Artist Caneci Bele Is Definitely The One To Watch

Caneci Bele was born in Buffalo, NY, and currently lives in Compton, California. His genre is rap mixed with a little bit of R&B. Rap allows him to express his deep passion for music. It lives inside his heart. His style is gangster/hood but he also likes to make music for the ladies. His trademark is his Caneci mask which he was wearing way before the pandemic started. Caneci’s mask is symbolic for him because he is smiling but you do not know how he is really feeling behind the mask. It really characterizes how he presents himself to the world. 

Caneci Bele really enjoys acting. That is where his true passion lies. Acting is his first love and priority in terms of his career. Music forever lives in Caneci’s heart, but acting forever lives in his soul. 

When asked if there were any life-changing stories that impacted his music career, Caneci responded “Unfortunately, I had a really difficult childhood. I experienced a lot of abuse as a child and I’m still shaking those demons today. Music is a way to expresses some of what I’ve been through and motivates me to get better control over my life and continue becoming the man I want to be. I will share more about my story and what I’ve been through as people get to know me. I think a lot of healing can come from that.”

Creatively speaking, this an exciting time for Caneci. He is currently working on several singles as well as some features. He is taking his time to do it right and make sure everything on his first album is potentially a great hit. He is having fun and enjoying the process. His music is set to be available on all major platforms so be sure to look out for Caneci in the near future! 

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