Alternative R&B Artist Madi Rindge Drops Single “Lucky” and Plans Virtual Live Concert

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Alternative R&B Artist Madi Rindge Drops Single “Lucky” and Plans Virtual Live Concert

Los Angeles Alternative R&B artist, Madi Rindge, was born to be a musician and singer. From the time she was born and throughout her childhood, Madi Rindge played multiple instruments and sang in the choir. Ever since then, her music and sound has evolved. Madi Rindge is able to create a sound that is R&B driven, with melodies that are inspired by pop music, with a touch of trap and soul elements in her production.

The independent artist not only writes her own lyrics, but has also produced and engineered her last few projects! Her biggest inspirations are R&B artists such as H.E.R., Marc E Bassy, Jhene Aiko, Daniel Caesar, and Alex Isley. Madi Rindge also draws lyrical inspiration from spirituality and personal growth, explaining, “I think it’s so important to get to the root of what you’re feeling or going through to truly be open and heal yourself and others.”

Madi Rindge has a step up on other artists, not only with her incredible voice, but with her charismatic personality as well. To add to Madi Rindge’s list of positive traits and talents, she also has the heart to use her platform to benefit others. She explains, “…use my influence and voice to help people find freedom, care for the environment, advocate for women’s rights (I already do that, but [I] imagine continuing to do this the rest of my life). There’s a lot of good in this world so let’s share that!”

This year alone, Madi Rindge has dropped three singles titled, “Good Love,” “Can We Slow,” and “Lucky.” She is also performing her first virtual live show tomorrow night! New unreleased music will also be played at the virtual after party!

What’s next for Madi Rindge? She will be working on music with producers who have worked with H.E.R. and T-Pain! Be on the lookout for those up and coming releases and follow her journey on:

Instagram: @madirindge

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