Alante’s Music Brings All The Pressure

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Alante’s Music Brings All The Pressure

Alante is an artist who creates the type of music that you can sit back and smoke to, and leaves an overall message that will help you get through the rough times. He started writing poetry at the age of 7 and after he recorded his first song, Alante then realized that this was an outlet that gave him the confidence that he needed. The independent artist has 5 albums out now and his favorite so far is “Pressure,” because this is his most recent project, so all the emotions behind those records are still fresh. 

When asked where does he gain inspiration from, Alante responded “I draw my inspiration from real-life experiences. whatever I go through, or have been through and feel it’s worth the story to tell I lay it out on the track.”

What he enjoys the most about being an artist is the freedom to be able to express himself and the reactions from the ones who can relate. He recently released his single, “Charged Up,” and you can check out his music on all streaming platforms!

Instagram: Alante_official

YouTube: Denaro Duggins

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