Adam Ness brings the heat with latest project ‘Sagittarius, Vol. 2’

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Adam Ness brings the heat with latest project ‘Sagittarius, Vol. 2’

Adam Ness has the Sagg season arriving early with his newest release titled Sagittarius Vol. 2. 

The Chicago-based R&B singer is sure to keep each track infused with a sultry and soulful feel, while still managing to have every song give the listener a different vibe. 

“My newest music is the best combination of lush harmonies, musical grooves and lyrical depth,” the Detroit native said. “Storytelling with the vocals means that you’ll hear something fresh with each listen. Replay power. I aim to keep myself and listeners engaged from start to finish.”

Describing his latest work as being the completion of his young adulthood, he presents his life experiences through the lens of a “textbook Sagittarius.”

A standout track is “F12” where Ness airs his grievances with police and the corrupt and unjust systems affecting minorities all across the country. As solemn subject matter as this could be, Adam sings about it in such a way you can’t help but to bob your head. The way he vocally arranges each line on the 3-minute song makes it that much better. 

Other notable songs is the lead single “HouzKatz” which features Durand Bernarr — another standout is the vulnerable and angelic tune “Tell Me.”

When asked what he hopes listeners take away from this project he said: “That it’s okay to be yourself and get the things you’re deserving of, and that being soft doesn’t diminish dominance. I’m looking forward to being seen so that I can be a mirror.”

With plans to keep touring frequently to perform his latest songs and others from his discography, be sure to keep up with him on Instagram and Twitter to catch him in a city near you!

Catch a vibe and listen to Sagittarius Vol. 2 here.

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