A.T. The Uplifter Releases New EP- “Changes”

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A.T. The Uplifter Releases New EP- “Changes”

A.T. The Uplifter Drops his most recent EP – “Changes”

Los Angeles, April 22 2020: Contemplative and Creative with a No-Nonsense demeanor  – rapper A.T. The Uplifter released his highly anticipated EP called “Changes” on February 23, 2020. 

His new fan awaited EP “Changes” is an introspective and personal narrative about dealing with unpredictable curves that life can throw sometimes, all in all, the record paints a vivid imagery of the rapper’s mind and how he stays positive regardless of the negativity that he has faced.The album is available to purchase on “https://attheuplifter.bandcamp.com/album/changes”.

“Changes” describes the adversity that visionary A.T The Uplifter has been through and how he has dealt with the way society has unfolded before him. It is also a “bird’s-eye” perspective on fatherhood and what it means to raise a son as a young man. To a mainstream ear, his music is comparable to the likes of Nas and Kendrick Lamar but that is only the surface of this EP, “Changes” delves into topics and rhetoric that most rappers have yet to explore in their music. 

The south Chicago born and raised rapper has gained mass support and following from his hometown, he is now letting the rest of the nation in on his truth in this must-hear EP. 

“I made changes for everyone dealing with changes in there lives, whether it be positive or negative I wanted them to know there is always a bigger picture, more importantly, keep moving. ” – A.T The Uplifter. 

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To learn more about this album and project, please contact mar@dopeasf.com .

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