Independent Artist Paomar is a Triple Threat

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Independent Artist Paomar is a Triple Threat

Independent hip-hop artist, Paomar, is a triple threat. The Los Angeles native not only writes his own music, but produces and engineers it as well. Of West African descent, Paomar decided to use his actual first name to identify himself artistically because it embodies his culture and it certainly grabs people’s attention. Paomar says that he never saw himself pursuing music professionally, but always felt a sense of euphoria listening to music.

Paomar admits to not being able to express his emotions the way he would like to, so creating music is a way for him to display his feelings without getting lost in translation. He describes humans as, “walking contradictions,” because we are constantly changing our moods depending on the moment. Paomar gets inspiration from how he is feeling in that particular moment, such as arrogant, humble, gentle, and abrasive. He wants his music to be able to cover, “…the whole spectrum of what it is to be alive.”

Although being compared to artists such as J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, Paomar sees himself making R&B and even Alternative albums in the future. Looking up to artists such as Kanye West and Anderson .Paak, Paomar strives for his music to motivate people in the gym, motivate them to create their own perspectives, and motivate them to love themselves. Overall, Paomar sees his music as being therapeutic in the sense that he wants to provide people with a good time when listening to him.

Paomar’s latest single, “Scumbag,” definitely gives us that arrogant side that we’ve definitely all felt before! The hook consists of the line, “Do it my way, better do what I say,” which will definitely pump you up! He plans to keep releasing singles throughout the year, so that his listeners can get a feel for his voice and style before he releases a full project.

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